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In Memory of Judy Good
1927 – 2006

Gail Berke
Worcester County MA USA
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 43 No. 3, July-August-September 2007, p. 65

Julia "Judy" Darnell Good was one of the first LLL Leaders in Ohio, USA and the first Leader in Columbus, Ohio, USA in the late 1960s.

Her mother died when Judy was young, and her father excused her from doing chores if she learned to play the trumpet he had given her. She certainly did learn it, too! Besides loving to play the trumpet, Judy fell in love with a handsome young medical student named James Good, and they shocked everyone by getting married after six weeks of dating.

Judy was a labor and delivery nurse at night while her husband, Jim, was finishing medical school in the daytime. By the time Jim graduated, the Goods had four children. He opened his medical practice and soon after became a medical advisor to LLLI and a member of the LLLI Professional Advisory Board.

Judy became a stay-at-home mother to eventually nine children (one of whom died in infancy): five girls and four boys. Judy was involved in many family activities, sewed most of their clothes, cared for her aging grandmother, kept up with husband Jim's service in the Ohio National Guard, gave inspired parties for family and friends, designed wedding gowns for all of her daughters (and one of her granddaughters), became a skilled water skier, hosted six foreign exchange students, and still had plenty of energy to give to LLL.

In the 1970s, Betty Wagner appointed Judy as one of the first LLL division directors when LLL was growing faster than anyone could have imagined. As director, Judy produced, organized, and streamlined many projects to enhance the ability of Leaders to help mothers. Much of what was developed under Judy still exists today in many forms.

In 1981, Judy was elected to the LLLI Board of Directors where she served for 14 years. The Program Services area was her specialty. Judy's dedication to her work was incredible -- she never missed a Board obligation in spite of events, such as when she broke her neck in an auto accident and was required to wear a halo brace for nearly a year. She was at the 1985 LLLI Conference in Washington DC, USA just weeks after losing her husband to a heart attack. Her dedication was extraordinary, always ready with a joke or a smile!

During the early 1980s, Judy and Dr. Arnold Tanis urged the Chairman of the LLLI Board of Directors, Betty Ann Countryman, to consider taking the lead in credentialing lactation consultants. Under Judy's direction, a study was begun, and she subsequently convinced the LLLI Board to make a loan to set up the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). Judy, while serving for several years as the first IBLCE president, wisely invited the late JoAnne Scott to work at her side.

Also during her LLLI Board years, Judy and her daughter, Joyce Good Reis, wrote A SPECIAL KIND OF PARENTING, which focuses on raising children with special challenges. The book was dedicated to David Good, Judy's youngest son who lives with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease.)

In 1987, Judy moved to Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA to live in weather that better allowed her son, David, mobility. Judy retired in l995 from the LLLI Board of Directors, but she kept in touch with LLL and had many of her old League friends as house guests. True to her indomitable spirit, Judy was also a breast cancer survivor. She began playing her trumpet again and in no time was playing several different horns with local bands, and even played some "gigs" at Disneyland and in Europe! She served as president of the Melbourne (Florida, USA) Municipal band for eight years.

Judy was an invaluable help to all who worked with her, and endeared herself to many as a cherished friend.

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